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Alta Capital’s management have decades of experience founding and managing successful businesses internationally. A sample is shown below.

  • Alta Capital’s countries of developed activities
  • Additional countries of immediate interest

United Kingdom

  • Undertook 3.5 million ‘construction fabric’ energy efficiency measures and upgrades in over 2.8 million individual residential buildings.
  • Installed over 10,000 individual residential solar installations.
  • Developed portfolio of over 300 MW of battery storage.
  • Built over 300 MW of ground-mounted and commercial roof-mounted Solar. Including one of the largest roof-mounted systems in Europe.

Australia & New Zealand

  • Built over 250 MW of roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar.
  • Undertook over 250,000 individual residential and commercial ‘construction fabric’ energy efficiency measures and upgrades.

North America

  • Launched first State and Federal approved ‘on energy bill’ energy efficiency ESCO for residential housing in 2013.
  • Installed over 4,000 individual residential roof-mounted solar installations.
  • Undertook over 100,000 individual residential and commercial ‘construction fabric’ energy efficiency measures and upgrades.
  • Developed 50 MW of commercial roof and ground-mounted solar.


  • Primary Current focus of Alta.
  • Developed a portfolio fo 2 GW of solar and storage sites.

Focus on Italy

We are taking action to be part of the answer to the climate emergency. The Italian government has set ambitious targets for its energy mix over the next decade. These include the phasing out of coal by 2025, reaching a 28% share of renewables in total energy consumption and a 55% share of renewables in electricity consumption by 2030. The facts are as follows:

Renewable generation

The percentage of renewable generation, as a proportion of total energy mix in Italy, is forecast to increase from 34% in 2017 to 55% up to 2030 based on forecast total country demand of 337.3TWh in 2030

This forecast suggests that renewables will generate 186.8TWh of electricity by 2030

Solar generation

In 2017, 7% of total electricity generation was provided through solar, consisting of 24.4TWh

In 2030, forecast solar PV electricity generation is expected to increase to 22%, totalling 75.5TWh

In total, close to 40% of Italy’s renewable electricity is expected to be generated from solar PV by 2030

Solar capacity

The increase in solar generation will be met by an increase in solar capacity

From 19.7GW of solar PV capacity in 2017, this figure is forecast to increase by 250% to 2030 where expected capacity of 50.9GW will deliver Italy’s future solar power

Our portfolio is diverse, including large, medium and small sites concentrated in the south of Italy and Sicily, where solar irradiance is high. This, combined with local authority understanding of regulatory process is part of the recipe for the achievability of Alta’s strategy.

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